What is a Toy Block Tape/Lego Tape?

Toy Block tape is more than just a tape. This is a tape that will help you to build sideways, downwards, and even upwards with Legos. All you need to do is snip the length of the Lego block tape and just stick the blocks to build structures. In short, it turns anything into a Lego surface. With Lego block tapes the possibilities are endless. You can now build more or less on any surface and at any time.

It is fully compatible with the Lego blocks. The tape roll is line has Lego block friendly bumps on one side and mild adhesive on the other half. The flexible strips can be pulled around the corner, cut, or formed into curves. It is strong and is capable of suspending large Lego structures even from a right angle.



in 3 days!

Why Choose Toy Block Tapes?


Lego Compatible

Our Blocks are Compatible with LEGO®, Mega Bloks, Kreo, Nimuno and other major toy building block systems.

Great Gift

The Toy Block Tape is an ideal gift for adults, youngsters and particularly kids. Play with your kids and stay happy.

Environmentally Friendly

This is a non toxic silicone which means you do no have to worry with what your kids play.


You can build pretty much anywhere and go around the corners too.


You can build a city sideways or an upside down town too. Create your imagination.


You can cut our Toy Block Tapes into any size and shapes.

Why Buy Block Lego Tapes?

Welcome To Toy Block Tapes – Home of Lego Tape

With the help of Lego block tapes, you will be able or build some incredible things with Legos. It turns a surface into a Lego building site. This is a flexible and you can cut into any shape. Thus, you do not have to worry about your child throwing a tantrum if they aren’t able to lay it down exactly the way they want on the first try itself.

The tape is versatile and you will be able to attach it to other toys. The tape is available at an affordable price. This Lego tape makes other toys Lego compatible. It can give a boost to the creative ideas of your kids.

Wholesale Toy Block Tapes

In case you are looking for wholesale Toy Block Tapes, you have come to the right place. We are offering an amazing range of Toy Block Tapes that come in various colors and lengths. LEGO toys have been around for decades and Toy Block Tapes enhance and take the experience to an entirely new level. You can channel your creativity and bring your imagination to life with the help of Toy Block Tapes. Having a very simple work mechanism, these tapes can be attached to any surface.

Its ultimate motive is to let you get the best out of your LEGO building blocks and have fun just wherever you want.

What Is a Toy Block Tape And How Does It Work?

Toy block tapes are exactly like regular tapes that you can stick to a surface, except that they can also hold the LEGO blocks. They can be stuck horizontally or even to a vertical surface, which allows you to be all the more creative with your LEGO blocks. Now you don’t need to limit your imagination to a certain extent, just because of an incompatible surface! Turn any surface into your playground and have limitless fun with your LEGO sets. Stick them to the wall or to the surface of your tables.

Channel your inner creativity and bring your imaginations to life. The Toy Block Tapes opens the doors for endless amount of possibilities with LEGO. Get your hands on this amazing product today!

Is It Easy To Use a Toy Block Tape?

Toy Block Tapes are extremely lightweight and can be used even by children. All you need to do is stick them to any surface and get ready to play. They are the ultimate companion for LEGO lovers who are tired of the same surface and structures and are looking for a change! Give yourself a new challenge with the all new toy block tapes.

The Amazing Toy Block Tape

Imagine that you have blocks that can build downwards, sideways or even upwards. Furthermore what about if you hear that they’re compatible to use with and onto other toys? Toy Block Tapes does that! Yes, all that you have to do is snip a length of our Toy Block Tapes, stick it on and get building! As easy as that. With the Cutting-Edge Engineering that has gone into producing our high quality toy block tapes, you can rest assured that they will exceed your expectations.

Ready to Buy the Colourful Lego Block Tape?

Ready to buy for your first Block Tape? Why not, they’re highly addictive, therapeutic and a colourful addition for your kids toys.

If you have a colour preference or require a different size that you cannot see on the site then please contact us and we’ll help you with it.  Please kindly register your interest and we’ll get back to you shortly.